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Give your loved vehicle a new lease on life!

Conders Automotive Restoration Services was opened in 2011 by Scott Conder, an auto repairer with over a decade of automotive repair experience, particularly in hydraulic repair, a broad range of automotive mechanical repairs, panel fabrication and spray painting.

Scott and his team at Conder's are able to conduct restoration work on all makes and models of vehicles, from muscle cars to vintage vehicles, as well as later model vehicle restorations. Conder's pride ourselves on being able to offer more than the typical panel beater in terms of services, with our restorations also covering mechanical repairs and servicing, restoring your vehicle inside and out. When your vehicle leaves our workshop, it will be in a better condition than in which it may ever have been.

To find out more about what we can offer you and your vehicle, or to book your own vehicle in for restoration, give us a call today!

One Sick XY

This built-from-scratch XY Falcon 350 GT is our baby, our pride and joy. We started with a rusty shell, rebuilt the motor, and conducted all the panel and paint work as well. This car featured at the 2016 Motor Expo in Melbourne.

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Ballarat, VIC 3351

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